At emanuele Salon in Boca Raton we are dedicated to giving you the optimum in creativity and service.

One-on-one personal attention by Emanuele who individualize every hair shaping and coloring process with a finesse that will radiate confidence and class. How many times have you gone to a salon to find that your stylist has left you in the care of people  not at my salon. My intimate atmosphere promises the most personalized attention.

All services are performed on a one-on-one basis because everyone’s hair has unique characteristics. The style, color, and texture need to match their lifestyle and personality. The finished look will make lasting first impressions.

Emanuele’s selection of Kevin Murphy and Lining Proof  hair products ensure our exclusive clientele the very best in prescription hair care. Emanuele has been trained to recognize the different types of hair porosity, lack of proteins, or moisture problems. If your hair doesn’t feel healthy, you are not using Emanuele’s prescribed formulas designed especially for you.

Specializing in  precision hair cutting  and hair colour- let emanuele salon create a new look that is right for you.  Call us today for an appointment and find out why emanuele salon since 1988  is a favorite, long-standing, hair salon in Boca Raton.