Importance of trade shows

The main objective of trade shows is the establishment of a positive image of exhibited organizations along with the increase of prestige of the trade shows itself.  These concepts are interrelated – the prestigious exhibition, the higher the return for the participants; the more attractive the exposure of firms, the more interesting it is for visitors.

A trade show is a unique event, it is in a known and fixed time and in a limited area (which is determined in advance). It provides a meeting of all the stakeholders of the business process: individual persons and corporations.

Each exhibition reflects the market of goods and services in a concentrated form, trends and prospects of the industry.

Due to large-scale information during this period of a trade show, the process of meeting of firms that display products (goods, services, or goods and services), and a variety of clients, is simplified.

Customers are implied to be:

– Consumers

– Buyers

– Intermediaries (retail and wholesale purchasing organizations)

In addition, visitors can be specialists in this field or related fields, government officials and heads of administrations at all levels and just interested people who want to get information.

Trade shows provide visibility of the market and make available new markets, which is especially important in a time of globalization.

Trade shows promote intensive exchange of information and provide the necessary and sufficient communication between all stakeholders.

It is important to mention one more leading function of trade shows. The process of organizing of a trade show brings together organizers and exhibitors with state agencies and public organizations, providing a tremendous impact on the formation of industrial policy. Thereby trade shows contributing to the intensive development of separately taken enterprise and all economy on the whole.

CEIR researches show that exhibits of trade shows exert influence on the sale of up to six times more than many other marketing tools. A visual feedback from the exhibition of the sample can last up to 14 weeks. In addition, investments in the booth come back much faster and with a greater extent.

A modern exhibition product is a flexible instrument that offers a wide spectrum of advancement to an exhibitor: trade show business program, show events, exhibition publication (catalog, news bulletins, special issue of newspapers), interactive sites, pre- or post-exhibition advertising and PR.

Exhibitions – an important marketing tool.

Therefore, many marketing objectives can be achieved with the participation of the company in a trade show, which is provided by a meeting with potential buyers. It is important to emphasize that, despite the costs of organizing the exhibition; it is provides the opportunity of interaction between buyers and sellers in a very short period of time.

Trade shows make ​​a direct perception of new products or services, and the reaction of visitors is invaluable information for market research.

Quite often, visitors can purchase goods or receive services at trade shows, that is an attractive event for them.

All these factors indicate a significant role of trade shows as an important and unique marketing tool.